Milan Campus

Location: 202 4th Street West, Milan IL
Service Time: Sunday 10AM


Delayna Sneed was born in Texas, but spent the majority of her childhood in Iowa. She graduated high school and attended Trinity Bible College in North Dakota, graduating with a degree in Music Performance. Down to Earth, friendly, real, talented, and passionate for Jesus are just some of the ways she’s been described by those that know her. She loves her family, her kids, her friends, singing her heart out, and she loves Jesus with every fiber of her being.

Eric Sneed was born right here in the Quad Cities and has spent the bulk of his life here. He graduated from Moline High in 2006, attended Black Hawk College, and transferred to the University of Illinois-Springfield, where he graduated with his degree in Analytic Philosophy with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Religion and Epistemology. He’s also spent time with the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry out of Redding, California. Eric’s passion is for Jesus, to know Him and to make Him known, and to help empower others around him to step into the plans that God has for all of us. He echoes the words of a contemporary song when he describes himself as a ‘nobody trying to tell everybody all about Somebody who saved his soul’.

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