Core Values


The WORD is our Foundation
We embrace and proclaim the word of God as absolute truth. It is our guide for everyday life and the foundation of our faith. We believe that the Word is to remain preeminent in all aspects of our lives. It is the standard, the conviction maker, atmosphere setter, and the core of what our church is build upon. 
Worship is our Honor
Worship is vital to our experience with God. Our worship is not performance based. We teach that we should worship in spirit and in truth as a whole-hearted response to God's presence in the midst of His people. We are a worship church honored to experience the life-changing presence of God.
Community is our Heartbeat
We believe in and value community. The Church is a place where believers can relate, encourage, protect, and admonish one another as we grow in our faith and experience God's grace. Community is a place where values are shared, relationships are established, families are raised, and vision is accomplished.
His Presence is our Passion 
We hunger and thirst for intimacy with God. His presence is our joy and our delight. We have intimacy with the Father, through Jesus. We long for the secret place. In His presence, we are enlightened and empowered to serve Him. Our desire is to experience the manifestation of HIs power and glory in all that we do. We believe that the love and presence of God is to be felt, experienced and reciprocated.